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- Not used as a tool to diagnose or treat disease -

The Interactive Query System (IQS) is part of a new branch of medicine called Functional Medicine. It uses computerized technology that sends a very small current through energetic pathways in the body called meridiansThese meridians pass through specific organs and tissues. They regulate the flow of the (bio-feedback) current that passes through them. By measuring this current an IQS practitioner can get a functional picture of those tissues and learn whether they are balanced, healthy, stressed, inflamed, or weakened. The IQS combines highly-sophisticated computer software with the Meridian Science of the East. With this technology, you and your practitioner can get a detailed assessment of the body’s state of health. Not only that, but the IQS also determines the most appropriate remedial steps for restoring the body to a state of health and energetic balance.

- Not used as a tool to diagnose or treat disease -

Using the IQS a practitioner can fine-tune a nutritional program specifically for the client's needs. For instance there may be 5 varieties of Vitamin C. Which variety works best with the client's biochemistry? If the client is taking several supplements, the IQS can test to evaluate their effectiveness.

IQS testing is a procedure that uses advanced technology to evaluate your condition quickly and accurately, as well as suggest the ideal supportive therapy to help you feel better. As you will discover, the IQS provides vital insights about the health of your body. It can help you and your practitioner find the right solution for many types of health problems and conditions.

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